The first question you should ask

Dave Carter

It’s time to change the way we think. The way we used to work has changed and will continue to change. This is driven both by the need to achieve the objectives of the One Organisational Plan but also the need to improve our customer’s experience.

We want teams to question their processes and help us to become a digital-first council.

“Could it be done better online?”

A question for everyone to consider when solving a problem, or planning a process. If the answer is “yes” it could offer more freedom to customers, and increase efficiency.

19 times cheaper than a phone call

The cost benefits are clear:

  • the average online transaction costs £0.15
  • compared to £2.83 for a phone call, and
  • £8.62 for a face-to-face transaction.

This week is the start of our long term “Let’s Get Digital” campaign. As part of this all staff will receive regular updates and examples of how thinking digital has improved the way other teams work.

The first one will be about our new email service GovDelivery and will land in your inbox on Friday from

If you’d like a little more information, all updates and articles will be stored on this website. You can also email with any ideas or suggestions you may have.

I hope you’ll find the campaign useful, and welcome any feedback you may have.

Alternatively if you’d like to talk to someone about any ideas or would like someone to come along to your team meeting to talk about what the campaign means please contact Tejay de Kretser (Shire Hall ext 6860) or Paul Inman (Shire Hall ext 6342).