Online vs phone. Or 15p vs £2.83


On average a digital transaction costs the council 19 times less than one over the phone. And 57 times less than face-to-face transactions.

It makes the work we do easier when it comes to managing processes like school place applications – 86% of which are done online for infants and juniors.

Over the coming months you will receive regular emails and updates with:

  • tips on improving your team’s digital presence,
  • examples of colleagues improving their service online, and
  • useful content to keep you up to date on best practice.

“Could it be done better online?”

The goal of these emails, and other activity, is to get us all asking this question and considering other options:

  • Online forms instead of printed applications
  • Targeted social media ads instead of flyers
  • Email instead of postal communications

Fresh start

This week is the start of our long term “Let’s Get Digital” campaign. As part of this all staff will receive regular updates and examples of how thinking digital has improved the way other teams work.

The first one will be about our new email service GovDelivery and will land in your inbox on Friday.

If you’d like more information, all updates and articles will be stored on our Let’s Get Digital webpage.